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All Day Meeting


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At Siloam Church (as with many others) there was always an all-day meeting or a dinner-on-the-ground meeting every summer. That was before our country churches had kitchens and dining rooms. It was a time when every family brought platters bowls and fancy dishes of delicious foods (fried chicken potato salads cakes pies etc.) to spread onto long wooden tables under the shades of large old trees. Preaching and singing and then eating. Everyone would fill their plates take a glass of sweet ice tea or sweet lemonade and find a nice shady spot in the grass to sit and talk and laugh with friends as they ate. More preaching and singing followed in the afternoon. Perhaps it was the only day of the year when some made it to church but I am sure those were days not one ever forgot.


11 X 14 (Print), 16 X 20 (Canvas), 24 X 30 (Canvas), 5 X 7 (Print), 8 X 10 (Print)


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