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A Street in Venice


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From one of many pictures I made while spending some time in Venice Italy during the summer of 2008 I painted this picture using acrylics. A traveling companion took this picture. I am in the picture but I cannot be seen because I am in the end of the gondola which is flowing from behind the building (at least that is what I tell my friends). Since the gondolier said that he could not sing for us I volunteered to sing in his place. I sang the song which Miss Dunn taught my 4th-grade class. I remembered these words which might not be exactly correct: If you should go to Venice you would find a magic town with streets of flowing rivers where the boats glide up and down. A gondolier stops at your doorway the boatman sings a song he’ll paddle his boat through the water…you may ride the whole day long. We in our gondola noticed that the gondoliers around us all stopped singing. My bad singing was not what got their attention. It was the fact that none of them had ever heard the song which I taught to one of them later. The only person who knew the song was a lady (with whom I had become friends). She joined in singing with me. It was a delightful experience for the two of us regardless of the fact that our singing was an assault to the eardrums of those around us. Anyway thanks Ms. Johnson for the applause we received after the assault.


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