To paint one’s life would be impossible. To paint a vision of a past, and of a present time, can be done by anyone; even if it is only a point, a spot, a moment, a fragment of one’s life, a memory painted on the format of a reverie. A reverie is usually considered to be a happy “daydream” of a memory. However, in one’s subconscious bank of memories, there lie mountains and valleys of pictures both wonderfully happy as well as some that are quite sad…..even some that are excruciatingly painful. On paper or canvas, one can choose which pictures to paint. In “sleeping” dreams and in daydreams, one has no choice in the selection of subjects which come brushing across one’s mind.

I wish to dedicate this little book of my paintings to my family and friends who have appreciated my efforts, even if they might not have enjoyed viewing them, and especially to my son-in-law, Chris, who has been constant in his encouragement of my continued efforts to paint.

-Cecil Moody

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