This website was inspired by the life and work of Cecil Moody.

About Cecil

Born the fourth of five sons, to very interesting parents, who for one reason or another, moved frequently. I always looked forward to moving into the next “new” house, and discovering the new neighborhood. The trees and flowers which would be waiting for me to climb and to view were the biggest thrill of all. Always running from garden to garden, from season to season made wonderful memories for me.

My interest in nature, people and my environment captivated my attention far more than did most of my school activities. However, it was my schooling which brought into my life a great love for the arts, and I have been fascinated by them since my early days.

The pictures in “Mother Goose” books were my earliest memories of my love for paintings. My mother bought books (which the family could ill afford), and my brother would read to me while I marveled at the pictures. In the third grade, I learned the fun of drawing, and found myself amazed that I could actually make pictures however badly drawn they might have been. In the fourth grade, I had a teacher who heightened my interest and my love for the arts by introducing me to works by famous painters. For the next ten years, instead of doing my assigned homework, I drew and painted pictures in the privacy of my bedroom. My first formal training came when I became an art major at The University of Alabama, where I won scholarships three years successively as the most outstanding art student. I knew that someday I would see the great works of art at the Louvre in Paris, France. It was after I had helped to raise twelve children, that I was able to go to Paris and study the works of the great artists and mingle with the contemporary artists in that city.

My love of the arts was not limited to painting. I acted professionally, learned to play folk-music instruments, performed on stage in musical plays (in which I even danced), and wrote fictional stories. Through the years, I have enjoyed wonderful grandchildren and interesting people that I have met during my travels. I have painted in many countries, and my paintings hang in some important places. The places I like best for them to hang are on the walls of people’s homes. When someone wants one of my paintings, I like to know why. If they cannot tell me why they want a particular painting, I am all the more thrilled. If one does not like a painting, and yet they want it, my excitement is even greater, because it means that the painting will be studied and viewed upon with questioning glances from time to time. One might never understand what it is that keeps his or her attention or what continues to be disturbing about a painting. Even I sometimes forget the reason for painting a certain picture: the feelings I knew at the time I painted it; the emotions involved; the joy which might have inspired my efforts; or my pleasure or disappointment after the painting was finished. It is not a bad thing to look back on life and question, “Why?”; Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Why did I cause that? Why did I allow that to happen? Why was I hurt by that? Why did I not do it all differently? The same is true in one’s art world.

I find great joy in visually composing what I wish to create on canvas or paper. However, some of my most exciting moments have been when I have “left-over” paint and, in order not to be wasteful, I very quickly take brush in hand and dip into the colors and create something wonderful (to me), following wherever the movement of the brush strokes carry me….then suddenly there is a creation; a creation without the worry, struggle, emotional involvement, nor hours of time spent visually arranging and composing the elements of a picture.

Now, most of the time, I live alone. I still enjoy traveling, I enjoy writing, I read about many subjects, I look at old VCR tapes of my children (especially the ballet performances of my daughter), I play musical instruments and sing (with no audience), I teach English to foreigners, I love on my grandchildren ……and sometimes I paint.