A Journey Toward Satisfaction in Painting

My painting, “Roses in a Dark Vase”, is a good example to use in elucidating my favorite technique to produce the effect which I desired. I enjoy using many methods and materials when I paint. I don’t remember having been asked what my favorite technique, or “way” of painting is. But if I should have been asked, I could answer. And since I can, I shall. But first I should say that for limited-time projects, I very much prefer pencil, pen and ink with water colors. Also, I like to dilute acrylic paints to a water color consistency and paint on a good quality water color paper. And I should say also that I think oil is the easiest medium with which to work and play.

The technique which I use to produce the end result which I like best is seen in my painting, “Roses in a Dark Vase”. After selecting my colors of alizarin crimson, a pure red and white, and some dark colors for the background and the vase, I determined that I would like to use a painting knife for most of the painting. The background and vase were put in first using mixtures of burnt umber, raw sienna, black and a bit of red (to soften the darkness). A harsh dark background would have deterred a viewer’s eye movement among the blossoms. Using carefully planned, but loose, free strokes, I painted in roses, using hues from dark red to light pinks and pure white. I wanted it to appear that the light is coming directly into the flowers, and so, white was knifed into the pinks to achieve the effect that I wanted. The rose draped over the edge of the vase is there…..well, because it is just something I do in many of my paintings. A little thing to instigate comments and questions.

“Roses in a Dark Vase” is one of favorite paintings, done by using my favorite tool, a painting knife, when working with oil paint. The process was a joy, and the result was exactly what I desired.

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